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About Us

Welcome to the KASIYAR family.

For almost 200 years, the name KASIYAR has been in our family for generations, and it’s with great pride that we uphold its legacy through a genuine and authentic company with values that reflect our own.

We believe that our customers are part of the family we have built. So with open arms, we welcome you to KASIYAR.

Our story began in 1987, as a small makeshift factory producing footwear in Chennai, India. For over two generations since, our family business has grown into a network that includes some of the best leather craftsmen, tanneries, hardware suppliers, and merchants in India.

Today KASIYAR is an international brand, with fine quality at the core of our artisanal production.

We still proudly make 80% of our handcrafted goods in India, with cowhides sourced from the best tanneries in Tamil Nadu. Each piece is made under the workmanship of highly trained craftspeople committed to the same standards of excellence as some of the premier names in fashion.

From leather selection to the cutting process as well as stitching and finishing, our stylish and functional designs come with authentic certification for discerning customers who look for genuine quality and affordability in premium leather goods that will last a lifetime.

KASIYAR is the promise of fine quality goods made to last.

Fine Quality Goods, Made to Last.

Bringing artisanally crafted lifelong products to a premium audience worldwide.

Demonstrating Value in Every Detail for our Family of Customers.